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Every year, air pollution causes 7 million deaths globally. That’s 7x the number of deaths associated with water pollution! We breathe in a wide range of airborne pollutants every day, both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, they are caused by cooking, cleaning, and off-gassing of paint, carpeting, furniture, and other sources. Outdoors, airborne pollutants originate from cars, trucks, planes, energy generators, factories, and the list goes on. They are a major cause of cancer, heart attacks, and chronic illnesses.

Metalmark is on a mission to address challenges associated with air pollution and climate change. Located in Boston, MA, our scientists and engineers are tackling these problems by inventing novel materials that can decompose pollutants and improve energy efficiency of buildings, vehicles, and much more.

*Examples of air pollutants: PM2.5 (including PM1.0 and PM0.1), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide (CO), ozone, sulfur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and more.

Clean Air Is A Basic Human Right.

The Innovation

3D Nanostructured Coating, inspired by nature

Our inspiration came from Nature. Butterflies, such as those of the family Metalmark, have a dazzling array of iridescent colors that are achieved due to the micro-structures in the materials that make up their wings. This structure has the added benefit of repelling water and giving ultra-lightness and strength to enable flight. Employing scalable nanofabrication, we create similar structures in various material combinations. Beyond having beautiful colors, these materials convert toxic and odor-causing fumes and particles into benign ones. They can be further designed to possess other properties such as electrical conductivity. Used as an ultra-thin coating, the materials maintain high performance and long durability.

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Founding Team


Sissi Liu

Metalmark CEO, Sissi Liu, is passionate about solving complex societal problems with cutting edge technology. After more than 17 years in cleantech and sustainability, entrepreneurship, and venture investing, Sissi joined the Metalmark co-founders to tackle global air pollution crisis and climate change challenges. Sissi holds a BA in Economics from Wellesley College and a Master’s from Harvard University.

Dr. Tanya Shirman

Metalmark’s Head of Catalysis, Tanya Shirman, is an interdisciplinary scientist and experienced R&D team leader. She was awarded the Israel National Postdoctoral Award for Advancing Women in Science. She performed postdoctoral research at Harvard University and served as Technology Development Fellow at Wyss Institute.

Dr. Elijah Shirman

Elijah Shirman is Metalmark’s VP of Technology. He has more than a decade of experience leading teams in multidisciplinary R&D. Elijah received his PhD in chemistry from the Weizmann Institute of Science and conducted postdoctoral research at Tufts and Harvard University, where he developed novel, bio-inspired materials for scalable applications in catalysis, electronics, and photonics.

Dr. Joanna Aizenberg

Joanna Aizenberg is the Amy Smith Berylson Professor of Materials Science and Professor of Chemistry & Chemical Biology of Harvard University. She is a world-renowned expert in bio-inspired engineering – has two decades experience in leading major R&D efforts, both at Harvard University and Lucent/Bell Laboratories. She is also a co-founder of multiple successful startups.


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