Metalmark Innovations Receives MassCEC Catalyst Award.

MassCEC announces $455,000 in funding to support seven cleantech innovators

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center is thrilled to announce $455,000 in funding to the spring 2018 round of Catalyst awardees. The Catalyst Program is jointly administered by MassCEC and the Massachusetts Technology Transfer Center (MTTC) with the primary intent of stimulating the commercialization of early-stage clean energy and water-energy nexus technologies developed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Funds are awarded to university researchers and early-stage cleantech companies. Grant funding, coupled with business mentoring, is employed to move cleantech prototype and research projects towards commercialization.

MassCEC made a total of seven $65,000 awards, two of which have a water innovation focus, to the following Massachusetts innovators:

AirCrew Technologies, Inc. (Allston) is developing a new process for the creation of more durable catalyst materials with less loading of expensive and rare metals. These catalyst materials will have longer lives and improved catalytic activity compared to conventional materials, making them more cost-effective. Because they have lower temperature requirements than conventional catalyst materials, they also result in energy savings in important industrial processes.

Note: Metalmark was formerly known as AirCrew Technologies, Inc.